What To Expect With Mobile Windshield Replacement

If you have a tiny chip in your windshield, it might be possible to repair it. However, when the windshield cracks, it is usually safer to replace the glass. Since it isn't safe to drive your car with a cracked windshield, you can call a mobile repair service to come to your location. You won't necessarily have to be there when the work is done, but the repair person will need the keys to your car to open doors and pop the hood if needed. Here's how mobile windshield replacement works.

Scheduling The Appointment

If your windshield cracks while you're driving, you may need emergency service. It might be possible for the mobile repair truck to come to your location right away or at least in a short amount of time. If it's not an emergency situation, you can schedule the work for a time when it is convenient for you. When you make the appointment, you'll want to discuss insurance coverage and your payment options. You may also want to ask about OEM glass if that's important to you. OEM windshields are made by the same manufacturer that made the windshield when your car was made. The other option is OEE glass, which is glass made to the same specifications but by a different manufacturer. The mobile glass company might manufacture their own windshields so they have a supply on hand to fit any vehicle they get called to repair. If you want OEM glass, you may need to wait for it to be ordered and it might cost more.

Replacing The Windshield

The first step is to remove the old glass. The technician saves your rearview mirror and wipers so they can be put on the new windshield. It might be possible to save and transfer your decals and inspection stickers too as long as it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction. If your DMV doesn't allow you to transfer stickers to new glass, you'll have to make it a priority to get new stickers once your new windshield is in place.

Removing the old windshield involves pulling out the old adhesive and rubber seal. Once those and the screws are removed, the glass can be lifted out of place. The new windshield is properly positioned and then secured. The adhesive is fast-drying, but you'll need to let it cure before you drive your car. You might be able to drive as soon as an hour after the work is done, but it depends on the type of adhesive that's used, so your technician will let you know how long to wait.

When the glass is in place and the wipers and mirror are put back on, the technician will clean up with a vacuum. This picks up bits of adhesive and glass so your car is clean and ready to go. Although it may be inconvenient to be without a car until the windshield is in place, it's one job you don't want to neglect. A crack interferes with driving and you might get a ticket if you get caught. Plus, a crack affects the stability of the glass. You don't want to hit a speed bump too fast and have the glass shatter out of the frame. With the convenience of mobile repair service, it's easy to get the job done, and your insurance might even cover the cost. Check out sites like http://www.buyriteglass.com/colorado/ for more information.

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