Myths That Can Make Repairing Your Vehicle's Windshield Difficult

The windshield of your automobile can experience some of the most intense wear and damage due to routine use. Often, rocks and other debris will be able to strike your windshield and damage it. This will put you in the situation of needing to repair it, but you might struggle with this if you are misinformed about windshield damage and repairs.

Myth: Only The Dealership Can Replace Your Car's Window

When you are needing to have repair work done to your vehicle, you might always assume that the dealership is the only or best option. However, there are options that are just as effective but more convenient than taking your vehicle to the dealership. For example, there are mobile windshield repair and replacement services that will save you from the hassle of needing to drive the vehicle to the repair center and wait for this work to be completed. In addition to potentially taking a considerable amount of time, driving the vehicle with a damaged windshield can be unnecessarily dangerous.

Myth: As Long As The Windshield Is Not Shattered, It Can Be Repaired

Due to the cost savings of repairing a windshield versus replacing it, individuals will typically want to take this approach. However, they will often greatly overestimate the amount of damage that the windshield can sustain before it is no longer repairable. In reality, it is possible for chips and cracks that seem fairly minor to be to severe to be repaired. This is particularly common when the cracks have been allowed to spread as this can lead to them becoming too wide for the repair resin to be able to reinforce. Due to the risk of the cracks spreading and worsening, they should always be promptly repaired so that this risk can be kept to a minimum.

Myth: You Will Be Unable To Add A Tint To A New Replacement Windshield

Many drivers will need to have their windshield tinted in order to shield their eyes from intense sunlight. These individuals might be worried about being able to add a tint to their new windshield. Luckily, there is no reason that a tint cannot be added to a windshield soon after it is installed. Typically, you will only need to wait for the adhesive that holds the windshield in place to dry to add a tint. In fact, many windshield replacement providers offer tinting services. There will be additional fees for adding the tint, but it can normally be done fairly quickly.

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The windshield of your automobile can experience some of the most intense wear and damage due to routine use. Often, rocks and other debris will be ab

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