Myths Associated With Replacing The Back Glass In A Vehicle

Whether it was a misguided rock, a direct hit, or something else that damaged your back glass, it is just as important for this to be replaced after damage as any other piece of auto glass. any auto glass replacement service can help you with this project. First, get rid of some of the most common myths about back glass replacement.

Myth: The back glass is the most challenging auto glass to replace. 

On the contrary, the back glass of an automobile is usually an easier replacement job. The glass does not have as much curvature, which makes it less tedious to contend with than something like the windshield that has more of a curved shape Likewise, the rear window is typically smaller and easier to handle, which means the replacement doesn't take quite so long to complete.  

Myth: It is difficult to find a replacement auto glass for a rear window. 

Just like a windshield, automakers make available replacement windshields that can be used for replacements when something goes wrong. In rare cases, if you have an especially older model car, it may be a bit harder to find a replacement. However, aftermarket parts companies often manufacture auto glass pieces that will fit just the same as originals.

Myth: The rear window is the most expensive to replace on a vehicle. 

The rear window is actually not the most expensive window to replace in most cases; the windshield is usually a more expensive piece to replace because it is larger and has a more unique shape. the myth stems from the fact that the back glass on a car usually has an integrated defroster system, but this really doesn't change the installation cost all that much and the glass itself is not all that expensive.

Myth: Once you replace the back glass, the defroster never works right again. 

The rear defroster is integrated into the glass; the tiny lines that run horizontally across the glass are small electrical wires that heat up to melt ice and defog the glass. When you pull out the rear window, you also disconnect a small wiring harness that connects this system of wires to the battery and the relay switch that controls the function. As long as you have a professional auto glass replacement technician to do the work, you can rest assured the defrosting system will still work. The technician will connect all the wiring when the new glass is installed. 

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